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Lover’s Spread

Transformation Oracle Certified Reader Blue Ribbon

by Amanda the Mystic Cowgirl

Lover’s Spread

I don’t know if a more perfect Couple’s Spread could happen.


The man’s cards were Resurrection (7) in Water, Contemplation (4) in Earth, Temptation (4) in Air and Strengthen (6) in Fire. The woman’s cards were Prayer (3) in Water, Rest (5) in Earth, Knowledge (5) in Air and Perspective (5) in Fire. Their Relationship card capped off what they already knew…Connection (9) in Air.

There were many things that stood out just looking at the cards. The elements of woman’s cards were mirror reflections of the male’s cards. The Earth and Air cards both added up to 9 and the Connection card is a 9. The cards that didn’t add up to 9 had either a 3 or a 6 on one of the pair.

I have been studying Project 369: The Key to the Universe and thought that numbers of the cards very profound. I looked more into the subject after the reading and the numbers 3, 6 and 9 are numbers that represent energy beyond what we can perceive with our five senses. 3, 6, 9 = Energy, Frequency and Vibration and they revolve around the Universe.

For the man, his first card was Resurrection. He had been through a couple of divorces, one being very ugly. He is fishing for the answers that he knows but fears from past hurts. The lower mermaid has an emerald in her hand. Emeralds are directly associated with the heart chakra, stimulating love in its most pure expression. It is said to enhance wisdom and inner knowing and to enhance love in a relationship. Will he choose to let his mermaid get away or will he resurrect himself with the one that brings joy to his life?
Contemplation was his second card. He has much to think about. He needs to cleanse himself from this ugly past with the sage. The girl has turquoise on her outfit. Turquoise is a powerful personal protector. It enables communication from the highest source of love. It eases feelings of negativity and low self-esteem. He must go inside and be good with himself before he can move on this earth with another partner even though he knows that she is the one.
In his third card of Temptation in Air, he dreams of a perfect match. He is taking his time to figure out if he is making the right choice by getting into another serious relationship. He can use the “Pearls of wisdom” that she wears on her head. Pearls harmonizes the emotions, brings emotional peace and spiritual tranquility.
Strengthen in Fire, preparing himself for what is to come is his final card. The man is a warrior, but he needs to connect spiritually before he can set out to hit the target. Both the buffalo and the agate geode in the warrior’s heart gives strength in both battle and physically. They protect, calm, and dispel fears. Through the ashes of the fire element, beautiful relationships can grow! Fire can be very destructive but after the dancing flames have passed, its beauty can be seen in new ways. For example, without the extreme heat that fire creates to break open cones, the great Sequoias’ seeds could not repopulate the next generation of their majestic forests. The element of fire burns the old ways of the past that no longer serve the man, but it leaves nutrients that the man can use for his future with his true love.

Pray is the woman’s first card in Water. She was in previous relationships, but like Goldie Locks, they never felt just right. She has prayed her whole life to manifest everything she’s ever wanted in her perfect partner, and she finally found him! Through her connection with the Divine, she has spiritual guidance to navigate her new Being along with the relationship with her new love.
Rest is her second card. The seeker has gone through extreme illness and some hardships. She has overcome so much and has “worked” hard to be the best version of herself both spiritually and physically. Now, it is time to rest and ground herself in the earth element so she may let her abilities as a healer come to fruition. The quartz and kunzite crystal in the form of ice on the card promote self-compassion and self-care.
Third is Knowledge in Air. The seeker is thirsty for knowledge. She is searching for new ways to learn and express herself through healing others as she floats through the air. Knowledge also comes from her past experiences and lost loves. She has a better understanding of what the perfect partner looks like and how she can be the best partner too. She is becoming knowledgeable about things she never even thought or knew were possible.
Perspective card in Fire is her final card. This card is perfect for her as she “plays with fire”. As stated in the man’s card, the burning of old brings rejuvenation and new. She has gone through a huge self-journey to get to this point in her life, and now it is time to see things through a different perspective. She can play, learn, and enjoy life in a way that she hasn’t been able to in her past. Also with perspective, she needs to see the relationship through her man’s eyes. They both know that they are perfect for each other but that doesn’t mean they need to be married. Maybe in the future they will be married in the traditional sense, but they have already pledged themselves to each other. What is etched in their hearts and souls is far more powerful because it is from the Divine.

Tying the couple together is the Relationship card of Connection Connection in the Air! The man and woman are perfect for each other. It is right there in the cards. They met through a connection of planes that fly in the sky. Now, they will live “Happily Ever After” in the Air, vibrating high on the number 9.