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Divine Nation 2020 Schedule

2020 Reader’s Workshops


Each workshop is 3 hours long and costs $25 US.
All workshops include course notes and will be taught online, using zoom.us


To Register: click the name below for your desired class(es). The registration button is at the top of each page.
Can’t wait to work with you!

… May 30 …

Journey to the Heart of Your Self

  • Sacred Geometry: Labyrinth & Medicine Wheel
  • Meditation for self knowledge
  • The Sacred Circle spread

… June 27 …

Sacred Gifts from Fire

  • Sacred Geometry: Pentagram & Golden Ratio
  • Meditation to strengthen & succeed
  • The Star spread

… July 25 …

Divine Lessons from Earth

  • Sacred Geometry: Vesica Piscis
  • Meditation to ground & manifest
  • The Wandering Hermit spread

… Aug 29 …

Good Medicine from Water

  • Sacred Geometry: Waves & Vibrations
  • Meditation to calm, cool & connect
  • The Sacred Wave spread

… Sept 26 …

Eternal Wisdom from Air

  • Sacred Geometry: Tree of Life
  • Meditation to slow down & center
  • The Tree of Life spread

… Oct 24 …

Light & Dark

  • Sacred Geometry: Oroboros & Yin-Yang
  • Meditation to focus the mind
  • The Life Review spread

… Nov 21 …

Human & Divine

  • Sacred Geometry: The Cross
  • Meditation: I Am, I Am
  • The Celtic Cross spread

… Dec 19 …

Seeing God in All

  • Sacred Geometry: Merkaba
  • Meditation: The Divine Light Vehicle
  • The Merkaba spread
Divine Nation Reader's Workshop with Sonya Shannon


Welcome to Divine Nation Reader’s Workshops!

Download the 2020 FLYER (includes course schedule & topics)

Divine Nation is a workshop for readers, healers and LightWorkers seeking a chance to learn in-depth divination skills and to practice one-on-one with others. We meet online one Saturday per month. Each workshop addresses a Divine theme, including:

  • Sacred Geometry
  • Meditation
  • Divination Card Spread + Partner Practice

How will this workshop help me?

We all need help on our life journey. One of the best ways to get guidance is through Divination: the art of connecting with Spirit through divination cards and other metaphysical tools. But just connecting with Spirit alone cannot give us the rich diversity of viewpoints and insights that we get from others! This workshop is built around one-on-one practice sessions with other readers.

Give a Reading, Get a Reading!

Whatever your level, you’ll get a chance to partner one-on-one with other readers. Their insights and guidance will help you navigate your challenges—and—your experience, skills, and intuitions will help them solve their quandaries. Build your network as you learn!


What do I need for class?

  1. An oracle card deck w/ elements e.g. Transformation Oracle
  2. A computer / smart device with internet & zoom.us
  3. A surface big enough to lay out card spreads e.g. desk, table, folding table, etc.

You may want to bring your notebook / sketchbook, but if you have ever taken one of my classes, you know there’ll be lavishly illustrated notes with room to write your own comments!

Download the FLYER (includes course schedule).

Praise for Sonya’s ONLINE Workshops

Transformation Oracle
"I especially recommend the direct experience of Sonya's wealth of personal spiritual and professional experience that she shares openly, and easily, inviting all in her workshop to embrace their individual truth. Everything is done with the Sonya love, genius, and creative soul that makes all her workshops an experience that is unique. I have taken many, many workshops and nothing comes close! Handouts presented so professionally, with lots of visuals, beautiful graphics and so full of wisdom, knowledge, experience, and a clarity that makes them deceptively easy to understand. I loved the private meets with my partners, loved how we mixed up and changed partners."
Transformation Oracle
"I can not say enough about how AWESOME the handouts made the class—they were beautiful with color and the explanations were organized into different groups. There was even places for you own personal notations. I really liked the online classroom more than I had initially thought I would. It was very easy to understand the explanations and examples. The groups were easy to work with the person you were grouped with. And since I did not have to leave home it was very comfortable and not rushed. Sonya makes the classroom experience so peaceful and calming that you have no other option but to grow and flourish this environment."
Transformation Oracle
"I very much enjoyed reading with each other. I gained that I have the ability to feel and read oracle cards. I feel more confident in my abilities and gifts that I can offer to people. I loved the slides and colorful presentations. I would take any class possible with Sonya. She is an amazing person that has so much care, love and talent to share."
Transformation Oracle
"Everything was very well executed. I liked the online format and the ability to practice with others. I gained a more in-depth understanding of the cards, the meanings of the art work and symbols. I thought the print outs of the information you compiled was an awesome tool that we will be able to refer to as we continue on this journey."
Transformation Oracle
"This class is for everyone. I leaned so much from more experienced readers and also grew to trust my instincts while reading. To learn from the artist and creator of the Transformation Oracle deck is definitely a big plus! I love the beautiful imagery of the cards. They “feel” right. The format of the class was very well orchestrated. The online practice readings went better than I thought. I thought I would be better reading a person and their energy face to face, and that virtual would be not as clear. But that wasn’t the case, I felt connected to each person and the readings felt right.
Transformation Oracle
"The courses slide were amazing like a Gallery of art and inspiration — beautiful — each card a masterpiece of visual artistry. The practice readings were a wonderful bonus! Great connection to others' perspective and intuition. I gained a deeper understanding of the meanings of the cards, they have taken on the new world energies. Anyone who is will to go inside to learn about their True Self would benefit. The overall presentation was very professional, insightful, and beautiful."

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