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Emergence card in Sonya Shannon's Transformation Oracle

9 – Fire
Guide Book – page 16 and 54
Artwork – “Artemis Parting the Veil”

Break through to the next level.

The EMERGENCE card indicates a true metamorphosis, a profound transformation from one stage into another. Think of the cocoon: a caterpillar disintegrates into mush inside a paper “shell” and is miraculously reborn as a butterfly! Another name for this card could be “breakthrough.” At the heart of EMERGENCE lies the concept of unwrapping or peeling away an outer layer to reveal something new, true, and awe-inspiring.

The artwork shows a young girl at the moment she becomes a woman. The veil of mystery and secrets opens, and she understands her new powers, responsibilities, and risks. The last days of childhood are a kind of cocoon, to which there is no return. Like all EMERGENCES, the transition into adolescence is a one-way passage.

The EMERGENCE card often shows up after a long period of what feels like dormancy, “treading water,” or intense hard work. It is a card of graduation, promotion, and rites of passage like marriage, parenthood, and retirement. EMERGENCE is the “coming out” of a gay person or a debutante, the ribbon-cutting ceremony on a new building, and the completion of a project that we can now share with the world.

Reversed Meaning

If the EMERGENCE card is upside-down in your spread, this is not the time to go public. More work needs to be done in the name of completion, protection, and preparation. Draw two more cards for guidance from the Oracle on how you can move through your current situation to achieve your EMERGENCE.

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