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Initiation card in Sonya Shannon's Transformation Oracle

4 – Water
Guide Book – page 23 and 56
Artwork – “The Divine Rite of Artemis”

Wake to the mysterious inner workings of the Universe.
New powers are yours.

Wow. You drew this card!

CONGRATULATIONS. Your time has come. You are moving to the next level!

The Initiation card is all about wearing a new crown. It is the promotion or new job you’ve been waiting for. Or you’re going to conceive! Or, you’ve done the work and are entering a new phase of spiritual mastery. Your heart will guide you, so stay in close touch with your feelings.

There are going to be rough spots as you cross the threshold, but don’t fear. You’ll be given everything you need. Plus, you are just so READY—and you possess more assets than you imagine!

Reversed Meaning

If this card appears upside down, the new opportunity on your plate is not going to come through in the way you hope or expect. But this may be good news, because it is not a true fit for you! The Universe has something better in mind. To find out what that might be, look at the other cards in your spread or pull a fresh card!

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