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Rebirth card in Sonya Shannon's Transformation Oracle

11 – Fire
Guide Book – page 34 and 58-59
Artwork – “Those Sheltering Arms”

Transform what is dormant.
Wake up to a new start.

REBIRTH is the last card in the FIRE element (see chart on page 65 of the Guide Book). It is related to, but different from EMERGENCE and RESURRECTION. All three cards concern new beginnings. But where EMERGENCE is a breakthrough and RESURRECTION is a restoration, REBIRTH means starting over again after a loss or a “death.”

The death can be literal, where someone close to us has died, or symbolic, when a friendship or situation ends—generally with heartbreak, anger or another powerful emotion. In any case, REBIRTH follows a cutting off or shutting down of some kind.

The artwork shows us that REBIRTH has many stages. It’s not a sudden “Hallelujah!” kind of thing, where we pop out fully-formed. Instead, it’s a series of transitions that involve gradually gathering strength, identity, and inspiration. The rainbow hues and magic stars surrounding the awakening woman at the bottom indicate that many new things are possible now. Let yourself dream and muse over new opportunities, and give yourself time to get back on your feet.

Reversed Meaning

If the REBIRTH card is upside-down in your spread, you may still be grieving. This is not a bad thing! Remember that grief takes many forms including anger, apathy and numbness in addition to sorrow. Grief can also take a long time and go through various stages. It is a natural part of life. Reflect upon what, who, or which aspect of yourself may have died? Shuffle the deck and draw another card for insights. Cards in the FIRE or WATER elements may be particularly helpful.

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