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Resolution card in Sonya Shannon's Transformation Oracle

10 – Water
Guide Book – page 39 and 60
Artwork – “Long Drawn Afternoon”

Revisit the past and resolve unfinished business.

This is a powerful call to action. It takes courage to clean up the past. Not everyone can do it, but you’ve drawn this card so you have the right stuff!

You may need to confront a perpetrator of abuse, either directly or indirectly. Keeping yourself safe is the highest concern. You may want to write a letter that you don’t actually send, but instead put in a “God Box” and let the Universe take care of it. Whatever you do, you are going to feel relief and completion by facing your past now.

Reversed Meaning

If this card appears inverted, it’s not the right time to confront the people, places, and things of your past. If you try, it won’t go well for you now. Better to wait. Draw another card or look more deeply at the imagery in your spread to find the missing details.

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