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Separation card in Sonya Shannon's Transformation Oracle

11 – Earth
Guide Book – page 43 and 61-62
Artwork – “Even The Stars They Burn”

Let go of what—and who—no longer works in your life.

This is the last card in the element Earth. If you drew this card, it’s time to say goodbye to someone and/or something that’s been close to you for awhile.

If there was a “Death” card in the Transformation Oracle, this would be it. There’s that much finality to it. Let yourself grieve. The grieving process is like riding a wild pony—you just have to hold on and go through the feelings of anger, sorrow, and fear, until it’s done with you.

Reversed Meaning

If this card appears upside-down, you’re having trouble letting go. Denial and resistance won’t prevent the inevitable. You are going to need some acceptance. To see how you can release your clutch, draw another card or look at the other cards in your spread.

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