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Strategy card in Sonya Shannon's Transformation Oracle

6 – Air
Guide Book – page 45 and 62
Artwork – “Stonewalled”

Set your course and go!

This card is about buckling down with a pen and napkin and brainstorming. The solution is in the details, so you may need to work up some spreadsheets, do some careful internet research, or discuss your plans with others.

It’s time to flex your thinking muscles and come up with a plan. You have the skills you need. Just add to what you know with some expert help, fact checking, and other examples. You plan needs to have some flexibility and contingencies in it. Set aside a cash reserve. Come up with plan B and C. Consider the “what ifs.” Then gear up to take action!

Reversed Meaning

If this card appears upside-down, you may be using feelings instead of thinking to navigate. You’ll find your solution in research, planning, details and rigor. Though hunches always help and being in touch with your heart is a good thing, you are going to have to buckle down with facts and figures. Look to the other cards in your spread, or draw a new card to find the best way to get strategizing!

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