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Strengthen card in Sonya Shannon's Transformation Oracle

6 – Fire
Guide Book – page 46 and 62-63
Artwork – “Buffalo Medicine”

Prepare yourself for what is to come.

Can you hear the trumpets?! This card is a call to action!

If you drew this card, you’re going to need to go to the “metaphysical gym” and build some inner fortitude to face a tough challenge. You’re going to need inner resolve, fortitude, and resilience. You may want to assemble a team of helpers—trusted friends, spirit guides, animal totems—to help you when the going gets rough. Your situation is a little like knowing that a storm is coming. You need to “batten the hatches,” which means putting on a protective shield so you can stay neutral and grounded when you’re pitted against powerful forces.

The affirmation for this card is, “You can DO it!” Strength be with you, soldier!

Reversed Meaning

If this card is inverted, you’re probably resisting the true nature of the challenge. You may be minimizing your opponents or over-estimating your ability to cope without doing extra work. If you are overwhelmed, find a helper immediately. The tsunami is about to strike. A helpful friend will be able to guide you. Look to the other cards in your spread or pull a new for insights on who you can trust now.

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