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Temptation card in Sonya Shannon's Transformation Oracle

4 – Air
Guide Book – page 49 and 63-64
Artwork – “Step Right Up”

Watch out!
Investigate before risking your money… or your heart.

This card is a warning to slow down and resist the temptation. It may not be what you want to hear, but if you pay attention now, you’ll be grateful later. Trust me!

If you drew this card, it’s important to differentiate between acting and reacting. When something seems fabulous, such as a time-limited offer or meeting a great person who’s single, our tendency is to react. It’s a reflex! We rush because there’s pressure to grab the treasure before someone else does. We’re desperate: desperately lonely, desperately broke, in desperate pain. But haste is compulsive. There’s no time to check in with our deeper feelings, friends, or spirit guides. And haste makes waste … of self-esteem.

Wait. Take a deep breath. Count to ten. Sleep on things overnight. Have patience! Take the time to see what happens. Run it by someone you trust. Then pray, meditate, or journal. We can only act once we have enough information to make a balanced decision.

Reversed Meaning

If this card appears upside down, you may not even perceive the danger approaching you. Are you in denial about who and what you’ve committed to? Search through the other cards in your spread or shuffle the deck to bring more information that will help you see the truth.

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