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Ten Tools for Awakening


A Spiritual Consciousness Workshop with Sonya Shannon

Download the FLYER (includes course schedule).

Awaken Your Self!

The Divine abides in every person and illumines each and every heart. Increasing our conscious awareness puts us in closer touch with the Divine. This workshop explores our relationship with the Divine through the Higher Self.


Awakening can be painful, messy, lonely, and confusing. With expanded consciousness comes deeper responsibility for our actions and words, as well as initiation into increased powers of manifestation and psychic healing abilities.


This workshop provides a toolkit designed to facilitate your own awakening and help you stay intentionally focused on heightening your consciousness. Some of these tools may be affirmingly familiar and others entirely new.


The tools in this workshop help us:

  • face our shadow-self
  • maintain balance in the outer and inner worlds
  • reset our psyches regularly and reliably with proven techniques
  • discern recurring patterns through sacred shapes
  • find discipline & strategies to meditate regularly
  • listen with compassion and use our voice wisely
  • learn when we are operating from a non-awakened state and how to shift into higher consciousness
  • find / affirm our unique gifts for fulfillment and service

Praise for Sonya’s Workshops

Transformation Oracle
"This workshop helped me release a very old pattern and restore my hope. I could see how my higher self or spirit self was and is connected, and I could see me becoming One. The course notes in my opinion are wonderful. So much was given and I am sure, with these notes, I will be able to go back and remember, and practice again and again. I also love having the definitions to remember as well. Thank you!"
Transformation Oracle
"I LOVED it! All...was OVER THE TOP! I would return again. Every moment as I listened to Sonya's instruction including the guided meditations, I can only equate to the sound of a sweet violin."
Transformation Oracle
"I gained a ton of knowledge in this workshop. I loved being shown each meditation. I feel more empowered. I feel more clear. I feel thankful! I feel expanded. Everything was excellent!"
Transformation Oracle
"The music was wonderful...very relaxing. I enjoyed the personal stories that Sonya shared. So grateful to have the notebook of course information. Helpful to revisit the notes to refresh our memory of the class. Loved this workshop - everyone would benefit from taking it."

This Workshop is for You if you are:

  • looking for spiritual tools you can use in daily life to cope with stress, rise above misunderstandings, and find inner peace on a regular basis
  • seeking a deeper understanding of GOD, Higher Self, and how to live peacefully with others
  • confused about your spiritual path: which direction to go / which teachings to follow
  • struggling to understand, forgive, or accept those whose values and viewpoints differ starkly from yours
  • occasionally or regularly alarmed, disgusted, or saddened by is happening in this world and want inner peace and answers

Includes a Complete Set of Illustrated Notes

Whether you are new or well on the path of spiritual awakening, this workshop gives you a solid grounding and memorable stories to assist your process.


Join us for a truly enlightening experience and ten powerful tools to awaken and maintain higher consciousness!


Instructor Sonya Shannon

Sonya Shannon is an artist, author and teacher in the metaphysical realm. A mystic vision at age 11 revealed her higher purpose. At 15, she began to create divinely inspired artwork and to channel spiritual messages. Her journey led to Kundalini yoga and meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan. She is passionate about using her gifts to help people overcome childhood wounds, and believes that all are entitled to our birthright of empowerment, self-fulfillment, and connection to the Divine.


Transformation Oracle
"I felt such a powerful feeling connection to myself and my Higher Power (GOD). The 'Listening' workshop gave me a better understanding of meditation and the different techniques of breath work, mudras, postures and eye focus. I really enjoyed how you explained the whole process of meditation. It opened my heart, mind, and soul. The music and incense prepared me for the journey. I recommend this workshop to everyone. I think the benefits would help everyone. Sonya's teaching brought me closer to my inner self."
Transformation Oracle
"I gained awareness, openness, deep compassion, connection, hope, love, truth and humility from this workshop. It was beautifully created and organized, balanced and well coordinated, calming and invigorating. I recommend this class for anyone seeking deeper meaning in life, or looking for a variety of meditation techniques and depth of experiences."

Download the FLYER (includes course schedule).