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Where to Do Private Readings

Practitioner rooms available hourly or once a week at Discover Your Spiritual Gifts in Littleton.

If you are beginning to work as a reader, you will need a quiet place with privacy for your client. If you are adding card readings to your healing practice, your existing space may be perfect. If you are just starting to read oracle cards, you may have some ideas.

Before you begin, here are some reminders and ideas you might want to consider…


  • make sure your reading space is quiet, private and comfortable
  • think of your client’s ease of access, neighborhood, and parking
  • make sure your location is okay with you charging money for your services
  • clear and protect your space before reading
  • call on Spirit through a quiet prayer or meditation with your client
  • invite intuition and Angel guides through candles, crystals, feathers or other totems


  • bring a stranger into your own home
  • read in a noisy environment
  • read in an environment with major distractions
  • charge money in a non-profit space (church, some libraries) without permission

Fortunately, there are many places to do readings! Some are free or very affordable, others may be more expensive.

Healing Centers & Yoga Studios

New Age Healing Centers often have small private rooms, some of which are suitable for doing readings. A healing center or yoga studio is visited by people who may be interested in your services. Most have great locations and parking, and some have snack bars.
ADVANTAGES – privacy, atmosphere, parking & accessibility
DISADVANTAGES – not free, may be hard to reserve the time that works for your client, rooms may not have furniture or the furniture may not be ideal for readings

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts, Littleton, CO. Practitioner rooms available hourly or one day a week.
Soul Journey Health, Lakewood, CO. Contact owner for yoga studio and other options.

Elisa Malangone's Office

Spirit Medium’s Elisa Malagone’s office

Private Practices

Many private practitioners have wonderful spaces they don’t use during certain hours. Some will rent occasionally / by the hour, while others have a minimum number of hours or a regular time you must rent each week. Most private offices that rent to readers are beautifully furnished, have good parking, and are in excellent locations. Many permit the use of candles or incense. Some may be willing advertise your reading service in their newsletters or websites. You will have to work out arrangements for opening and closing the space, and you may need to sign a contract or leave a security deposit. Talk to individual practitioners to see if their requirements work for you.
ADVANTAGES – privacy, atmosphere, parking & accessibility, compatible interests
DISADVANTAGES – not free, may be hard to reserve the time that works for your client, you may need to rent more hours than your business requires if you are just starting

Elisa Malangone, Arvada, CO. Contact Elisa to inquire about renting her space.

Metaphysical Book Stores

Private rooms can be rented for a reasonable fee in many metaphysical book stores. Most are easy to get to, have free parking, and some offer a snack bar for refreshments. Clients can browse for spiritual and metaphysical items. Private rooms in metaphysical book stores often have great ambience, and some will allow candles & incense.
ADVANTAGES – privacy, atmosphere, parking & accessibility
DISADVANTAGES – not free, may be hard to reserve the time that works for your client

Coffee and Tea Shops

A quiet corner of a local coffee or tea shop can be a wonderful place to do readings. Both you and your client can take advantage of refreshments, and most coffee and tea houses have inviting décor and good ambience. If you are able to get a table away from the coffee bar and other clients, you may have enough privacy. Watch out for loud espresso machines, coffee grinders, steamers, and restaurant noise like clatter and other conversations.
ADVANTAGES – affordable, great ambiance, refreshments, convenience, parking & access
DISADVANTAGES – can’t reserve a table or corner, not private, noise, distractions, client may not feel “safe”

Your Local Library

Most libraries have private rooms dedicated for research and study. Since you and your Seeker are exploring spiritual transformation, it is ethical to use these rooms occasionally for private readings. Contact your local library and make sure to reserve a room with two chairs.
ADVANTAGES – free, quiet, safe, room reservations, parking & accessibility
DISADVANTAGES – you may not be able to get the room you want at the time your client needs, the rooms are generally sparse and lacking atmosphere, you cannot burn candles or incense, and you must bring in your own items to “create the healing space”

Do you have a room you can rent to Transformation Oracle readers?
Know of a place that should be on this list?
I’d love to hear from you!