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My First Fair

Transformation Oracle Certified Reader Blue Ribbon

by Robbie Klarer

Symbols in the Transformation Oracle Workshops

Good Day to You, the Reader!

I wanted to share some thoughts on taking the Transformation Oracle to a metaphysical fair or show.

As I just became a Certified Reader in March, I had the opportunity to read at the Pueblo Holistic Fair early this April. Having not read with the Transformation Oracle in public before, I pondered the preparation I would need to serve this community.

Below is the approach I took, which I hope will help you as you begin to read at fairs and events.

Elisa Malangone's Office

A private reading space.

1. Plan for Private Readings Outside the Fair

First up was knowing that a holistic or metaphysical fair is in a very public place.

It can be overwhelming for guests, just the amount of energy there and the questions they have. I wanted to be sure that the readings — most likely very personal in nature — still gave the person a safe space to share.

If a guest needed or wanted a more in-depth reading, I decided in advance that I would book them a separate time somewhere much more private. After learning about where to do private readings, I came up with thoughts about where to do this, such as a quiet corner of a coffee shop, a private room in the local library, or possibly even at my business, if that felt like a fit.

2. Start with Simple Spreads

Jason Antalek Element Balancing Spread

Because it was my first time reading in public, I felt very clear direction from Spirit to just do the 1-4 card readings, such as:

I am glad Spirit guided me to make this choice. I felt confident I could remember the meanings of each card’s position in each of these spreads, and therefore really interpret correctly for the seeker. It gave me confidence to keep things simple my first time out!

3. Review the Card Meanings

Brushing up on the Transformation Oracle Cards

Now that I had a plan, I brushed up on the Transformation Oracle individual card meanings.

I first started with the ‘Ruby’ edition. The new ‘Treasure Chest’ edition has added more insightful information on each card. I also went to the Transformation Oracle website and there is some very intuitive Spirit-led work on the website by my fellow certified readers. A couple that I find helpful and am still learning with Spirit’s help are:

4. Meditate Before the Fair

Now that I was prepared with the Transformation Oracle, I spent some time with Spirit in mediation about the event. I contemplated through prayer and meditation about honoring those whom I will serve.

After this quiet time, I was ready to go public!

5. Set Up and Protect Your Space

Grandmother Wahseh Reader Table

Grandmother Wahseh’s protected space.

A fair or show is very busy and open, so take some time to set up your area so it best serves you to be alert and present to the person for whom you are reading. Bring your favorite crystals, reading cloth, LED flickering candles, sacred geometry objects and such.

Some places do not allow candles, burning to smudge, or extreme scents, so be mindful of the event’s rules.

You may want to possibly discover a new way to move the energy away. I found a very light scented oil that I made a spray smudge with and it served me very well.

6. Consider Teaming Up with Another Reader

A big thank you to my fellow Certified Reader Jeanette Peasley! We were sharing a both and she had the table set up, which was very delightfully inviting with colored drapes and a few little lotus ceramic decor pieces. I added my crystals and cards. It felt great to have another reader beside me.

I encourage you to take some time to really think about the presence your space puts out in this type of fair. Make it attractive, safe and present for those you will serve this day.

7. It’s All About Connecting With Spirit

The golden nugget I realized the most about doing this show is that the people we serve are looking for a connection with Spirit. The more we make that connection real to them as we tell the story of what is being presented in the Transformation Oracle cards, the more they are able to move in a positive action toward Spirit. This foundation in Spirit helps our seekers start building a stronger foundation as they do the work the cards have shared.

Serving Humanity, One Card at a Time …

I believe that the work with the Transformation Oracle is just beginning and the more people who use it and work with Spirit, the more insight we have to draw from as a collective of readers. We readers are serving humanity one card at a time! If you feel that you are called to work with oracle cards, I highly recommend the weekend workshop Sonya Shannon teaches. It will give you the necessary tools to start a new conversation and strengthened connection with Spirit and others.

Transformation Oracle Certified Reader Robbie Klarer

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