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The Chakra Spread Workshop

Chakra Spread

Registration $40

The Chakra Spread ~ Read the Cards Deeply!

This workshop is for YOU if you are:

  • ready to master an advanced spread
  • working with Chakras and want to learn how oracle cards can deepen and focus your understanding
  • interested in reviewing and going deeper with Transformation Oracle card spreads
  • an experienced card reader who wants to learn more about Chakras


10:00am – 2:00pm • March 23, 2019

  • Overview of the Chakras
  • How to Pull Cards for the Chakra Spread
  • Where to Start Reading the Chakra Spread
  • What to Look for in this Spread
  • Reading the Soul’s Purpose Through Chakras
  • Techniques to Communicate with Seekers

What is the Chakra Spread?

The Chakra Spread uses seven cards and the Chakra system to interpret the seeker’s different areas of life at a particular moment in time. Seven cards are pulled intentionally in a specific order, not necessarily in ascending or descending order, but instead using knowledge of the Chakra system.

Because the Chakras give a comprehensive overview of the basic life energies and aspects, the Chakra spread is powerful in giving a deep, meaningful divination readings.

Can I do the Chakra Spread with Any Deck?

This workshop will be taught using the Transformation Oracle (available on Amazon or at Discover Your Spiritual Gifts, where the class is taught). The Transformation Oracle gives clear, deep, accurate readings for the Chakra spread and is the recommended deck for this workshop.

Most decks that use the four element system, including Tarot cards, can be used for the Chakra spread. If you use Tarot, you will need to become familiar with the elements in the Major Arcana – or you may want to just use the Minor Arcana when reading Chakras.

Other decks, such as those without suits, may not be suitable for this spread.


Sonya Shannon, Instructor

Your Instructor

Sonya Shannon is an artist, author and teacher in the metaphysical realm. A mystic vision at age 11 revealed her higher purpose. At 15, she began to create divinely inspired artwork and to channel spiritual messages. Her journey lead to Kundalini yoga and meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan. She is passionate about using her gifts to help people overcome childhood wounds, and believes that all are entitled to our birthright of empowerment, self-fulfillment, and connection to the Divine.


“Transformation Oracle: Weekend Intensive Worskhop” – What People Are Saying…
Download the FLYER (includes course schedule).

Transformation Oracle
"I am proud of myself for working to obtain the title of Certified Transformation Oracle Reader. I took the Certification Course to learn all I could. I learned a lot more than I ever expected to about such an inspirational deck. The lectures were invaluable and always too short for my taste. I just wanted to learn all I could, as fast as I could. Documenting my readings using the different layouts proved to be even more interesting. I could see how quickly I was learning to use the images and their placement in a layout. It is a very short learning curve, unlike my previous experience with Tarot cards!"
Transformation Oracle
"It was such an honor and blessing to participate in this course! I learned so much about myself and about this beautiful transformative oracle deck! I look forward to finding out all the stories that will be touched by this gift of divine wisdom! Thank you Universe /GOD for always providing a multitude of love and giving us such a variety of tools for understanding and communication to assist ourselves as well as others on this journey of life! Thank you Sonya Shannon for being willing to be the gift you are and for sharing your talents, wisdom, insight, and heart with us through your connections! Thank you fellow classmates for such an amazing experience. I appreciate the gift that each of you are!"
Transformation Oracle
"Thank you Sonya Shannon for a fantastic workshop, I loved every minute of it. I am looking forward to applying what I have learned to bring awareness and love to people who are seeking answers. Your Transformation Oracle cards are an answer to prayer to heal and seek wisdom for those looking for the truth. Thank you to each class member, your energy and love came as a blessing and I am grateful for the experience and opportunity to meet you."
Transformation Oracle
"A lot of classes have come my way and each time I’m ready to pay for a class, I changed my mind (it didn’t FEEL right). However, there was no hesitation for your class. The moment I walked into the classroom, I felt that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. Your energy, soul and precise information was a breath of fresh air. I learned so much from you and the others in the class. My journey of awakening has been quite incredible! Everyday, spirit is helping me stay on my path to heal and help others."
Transformation Oracle
"Since your wonderful class, many things have happened. I am finally headed in a lighted direction away from the darkness that seemed to follow me for so long. I have used your teachings and the cards many times to help me through the past months of despair. They provided me with peace, light, and hope when I needed it most. You will never know or understand how much your class and the beautiful cards have helped me make it through each day. I wish for you to ALWAYS have God's blessings for you to continue spreading the knowledge and warmth that you do. It has meant a great deal to me as I'm sure it has to many others you have helped over the years."
Transformation Oracle
"I've been using your cards almost daily for the past few months early in the morning, before or after meditation. They have become such a gift and joy to use! It's like they speak directly to my soul...a little bright encouragement for each day. I can't believe the way my life has changed since I walked into your class to learn about them. Life has transformed (!) and become so much more wonderful and fun. You make such a difference doing what you do. The warmest thank you to you!"
Transformation Oracle
"I got more out of one of Sonya's 3 hour-workshops than I did with the whole Angel Card Practitioner series."
Transformation Oracle
"The Transformation Oracle Workshop is the perfect foundation to build lasting change in your personal life and in the lives of those around you. Sonya Shannon is leading the way towards the evolution of humankind!"
Transformation Oracle
"Sonya is an amazing guide through the discovery of her beautiful Oracle deck. The insights of her impressions of each of the cards were awesome. She provided detailed information within the workshop and we got plenty of hands-on experience. Sonya is a beautiful Light in this world and she is very supportive as you gain your confidence with working with the cards. I have been doing Tarot readings for many, many years and I gained additional spreads and insights on readings. I highly recommend her workshops."
Transformation Oracle
"The Transformation Oracle is the most accurate and inspiring deck I’ve ever worked with! What a privilege it was to study it under the Divine guidance of Sonya. It is my pleasure to carry it forward in readings that help people to navigate this wild, whacky and wonderful life!"
Transformation Oracle
"When I first met Sonya at a Body, Mind, Spirit fair I was drawn to her gentle and kind spirit. I was already seeking ways of transforming the gifting I have with the Spirit and working with different tools to help continue my healing work. After receiving a reading from Sonya I realized I wanted to help others in this way. I was excited to have the opportunity to take her Transformation Oracle weekend. It was an awakening and enlightening experience that I hope to bring to others through the Transformation Oracle readings I give. I have no doubt that Spirit brought her into my life as a teacher for me to continue to gain knowledge. I recommend this class for anyone seeking transformation or to deepen the use of their gifting."
Transformation Oracle
"I loved the one-on-one training I received from Sonya! Our class was just the right size & we were able to learn, practice & grow with each other. Intuition, insight, 'Ah-Ha's!"
Transformation Oracle
"The Transformation Oracle has helped me tremendously to connect to myself, to trust my inner wisdom and to be a conscious creator of my life."
Transformation Oracle
"There are few teachers that you remember in your lifetime, but Sonya is one of them. She gave me the foundation I needed to step outside my comfort zone. Today, I pattern my style on what Sonya taught me."
Transformation Oracle
"Sonya is extremely gifted at drawing out the best in people and helping them come to awareness of their potential. I feel that I have benefited from every stage of the process—from defining my goals and acknowledging the tools I have, to meditating deeply into acceptance."