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Transformation Oracle Poster – NG

Transformation Oracle Poster
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Generously sized at 28″ x 22.” Compact enough to fit your space. Easily portable in shipping tube. The BEST way to amplify your intuitive understanding of the Transformation Oracle!

USPS Priority Mail Tube

Essential for Serious Readers.
Master all 44 Cards at a Glance!

Read the Transformation Oracle & attract clients with this laminated poster.
Shows all 44 cards in their divinely channeled order.
Access Phases of Transformation in the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water as you interpret spreads.

Praise for the Transformation Oracle

Transformation Oracle
"For what I need to Transform in my life during the coming months I used the Transformation Oracle and got the Temptation card, which addressed my question perfectly. I DO have the tendency to just jump into things with both feet, and I DO have the tendency to place a lot more faith and trust in others than I do in myself. In any case, this card was pretty eye-opening as an answer to my question, and definitely right on."